Type of object:
Musical instrument

Accession number: 2001.252 Inventory number: UH 01

Object: Bowed lute (sarinda)

Material/technique: Wood, hide, nacre, gut, metal / hand-crafted

Origin/Period: Afghanistan / 20th C.

Brief description: Resonance chamber covered in goatskin, three gut strings, rest of metal of varying thickness. Three large tuning pegs, fifteen small pegs. Body, sides, and spine decorated in inlaid nacre. Open-work peg head.

Measurements: L. 61 cm W. 18 cm H. 13.5 cm Weight 1.700 g

Condition: Strings loose and broken

Reference: Dupree, L. (1973): Afghanistan

Provenance: Bought in Kabul, ca. 1965.

Donated by: U. and W. Hilty, Meilen, Switzerland, 2001


Copyright © - Photo/Text: Stiftung Foundation Bibliotheca Afghanica - Afghanistan Museum, Carla Grissmann, 2005