Type of object:
Musical instrument

Accession number: 2005.1024 Inventory number: NQ 01

Object: Chordophone (rebab)

Material/technique: Mulberry wood, hide (goose skin), nacre, glass, metal, nylon / hand-crafted

Origin/Period: Afghanistan / 20th C.

Brief description: Large chordophone, resonance chamber covered in hide, ornate open-work peg head, 12 tuning pegs at right side, three at either side of peg head, strings in nylon and metal; surface of neck and fingerboard heavily inlaid with nacre rosettes, floral and bird motifs, side medallions in nacre with red, blue, green and purple glass inlays. Small wooden plectrum stored at end of instrument.

Measurements: L. 95 cm W. 18.5 cm H. 22 cm

Condition: Good, some inlays missing

Reference: Dupree, L. (1973): Afghanistan

Provenance: Kabul

Donated by: Mr. Mohammad Naim Qodrat, 2001


Copyright © - Photo/Text: Stiftung Foundation Bibliotheca Afghanica - Afghanistan Museum, Carla Grissmann, 2005