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ELD 133 — Pencil sketches by William Simpson

18 tiny pencil sketches of men, horses, and two samovars. This draft sketches are not by ELD, but were taken by William Simpson. These drafts were later assembled to one larger sketch and published as an engraving in the ILN 1885/1, on p. 282.
Unlike the sketches ELD 001-107 this sketch was not photo-lithographed.
[Sketch, recto:] Gl. Lumsden’s breakfast kit. [Signed by William Simpson].   Text to 133-1
- The Illustrated London News 1885/1, p. 282: Engraving, based on a sketch by William Simpson, taken at this breakfast; p. 287, description of the breakfast:

Bild Nr.
ELD 133
Afghan Boundary Commission 1884-86
ABC 6, ELD Sketches 108 to 134
Pencil, British Library WD 407, size 220/180 mm
Ort, Datum
Badghis, late November, 1884
  • 1.56 Pictures of People
  • 19. Badghis Province
  • 3.711 Academic Painting
  • 4.365 Abdur Rahman Khan (1880-1901)
  • 4.369 Great Game
  • 4.416 GB Relations with Great Britain
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