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ILN 1885/1, 38 — Kilif Castle

A view of Kilif Castle as seen from the westernmost promontory. Engraving based on a sketch by Captain Peacocke, R.E.
Kilif, on the Oxus.
  • The Illustrated London News 1885/1: no description of this engraving.
  • Peacocke, W (1887): Records of Intelligence Party ABC, Vol. 3, pp. 96-103 (January 26, 1885): Detailed description of the first ABC reconnaissance visit to Khamiab and Kilif, with a plan and sketch of Kilif. “At Kilif the river Oxus is confined in a single channel, at the present date 330 yards wide. An isolated narrow low limestone ridge, which extends about 5 miles in a southwest direction into the desert, here abuts close on the left bank, ending in two promontories about 400 yards apart, which enclose between them a narrow rocky ravine. A narrow strip of beach lies between the foot of the westernmost promontory and the water, while from the foot of the easternmost a narrow rock ledge juts out into the stream. […] On the downstream side of the two rocky ledges, which at the eastern end of the narrows project from either bank into the stream, are two small bays, one on each bank, forming little natural harbours, and between these bays the ferry has been established. […] The rock ledge on the south bank is 10 feet to 20 feet high near the point, and its down-stream side has been cut away and revetted with brick to form a landing-stage, alongside which the ferry-boats lie. On the top of the ledge are several small houses in which the ferrymen live. […]”
Image No
ILN 1885/1, 38
Afghan Boundary Commission 1884-86
ABC 7, ILN Engravings 1884-1885/1
151/233 mm
Lieu, date
Kilif, January 26, 1885
  • 1.57 Pictures of Landscapes, Cities
  • 19. Badghis Province
  • 2.119 Turkmenistan
  • 4.365 Abdur Rahman Khan (1880-1901)
  • 4.369 Great Game
  • 4.416 GB Relations with Great Britain
  • Latitude / Longitude37.345750 / 66.253255
    Google Earth37°20ʹ44ʺ N / 66°15ʹ12ʺ E / 310 m

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