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RE 079 — Sappers and Miners, Sherpur

Interior view of the Sherpur Cantonment, just behind the section of the wall and the bastion manned by the 7th Company of Bengal Sappers and Miners, south of the so-called Head-Quarter's Gate. The company of about 60 men lined up in two rows in front of a tent, pitched between a mud hut and a two-wheeled vehicle (probably a gun-carriage). Maybe the tent is protecting the well, marked in the plan of Sherpur. The building behind the trees near the left margin is the same as on RE 080 near the right margin.
[Album:] In front of a hut built for Sapper Officers. [S&M List:] 2-35. 7th Company, Sappers and Miners, Sherpur.
  • Original:
    Chatham: Box No.: F 18, Album No.: 6/44, Page No.: 2, upper part
  • Photo No. RE 080 shows the continuation to the left
  • Collection Cabul Defences, Photo. No. 22, the same picture: “Sherepore. / Interior view looking North-East towards Fort Onslow, and the village of Bemaru.”
  • Collection of Bryan Maggs, caption on this photograph: “Lt. Long + Capt. – ?“
  • Collection F.B. Longe: Watercolour FBL 51 provides a view in the same direction.
  • Hensman, H. (1882): The Afghan War of 1879-80, p. 185 gives the full strength of the 7th Company Sappers with 76 men (3 officers, 4 non-commissioned officers, 69 men)
  • L.W. Adamec (1985): Kabul and southeast Afghanistan, p. 727: Sherpur, "The cantonment built by Amir Sher Ali, 1 mile to the north of Kabul city, and in which the British army, under Sir Frederick Roberts, was beleaguered in December 1879. [...]"
  • Schinasi, M. (2008): Kaboul 1773-1948, pp. 66-69, description of Sherpur.
Image No
RE 079
Royal Engineers Museum, Library and Archive 1878-1880 1878-1880
RE 057-099, Kabul Photographs
Albumen paper with gold toning, 210/280 mm, mounted on cardboard
Lieu, date
Kabul, winter 1879/80
  • 0101. Kabul City
  • 1.57 Pictures of Landscapes, Cities
  • 2.126 Kabul and SE-Afghanistan
  • 3.145 West Europ. / Americans
  • 4.364 Second A.-A. War (1878-1880)
  • Latitude / Longitude34.536808 / 69.176324
    Google Earth34°32'11" N / 69°10'30" E / 1800 m
    Survey of India MapSheet 38 (1917), Kabul: Sherpur, 2B 26

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