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RE 133 — Gurkha Soldiers

Group picture of 26 Gurkha soldiers in dark uniforms with their personal weapons, 11 of them wearing a medal. The front row is sitting on trunks. This photograph was taken at the same place as RE 132, in front of the eastern face of the courtyard of the old palace of Shah Shoojah in the Lower Bala Hissar. It seems that this photograph was taken at the same time as RE 064.
[Album:] 1st Batt. 4th Goorkha Rifles in Shah Shoojah’s Old Palace / Bala Hissar, Kabul [S&M List:] 2-78 Company 4th Goorkhas.
  • Original:
    Private collection of Bryan Maggs, Collection BS&M, Fol. 42, top.
  • Not in the albums of the RE Collections at Chatham.
  • Collection John Burke, JB 234: a photograph of the same group, taken in Sherpur.
  • Hensman, H. (1882): The Afghan War of 1879-80, p. 262, 24th December: “[…] The Bala Hissar has been examined, and not an Afghan found in it, and in two or three days the 9th Foot, and the 2nd and 4th Goorkhas, which arrived at Sherpur this morning with General Charles Gough, will be quartered in the fortress. […]”
Image No
RE 133
Royal Engineers Museum, Library and Archive 1878-1880 1878-1880
RE 116-140, Bryan Maggs Collection
Albumen paper with gold toning, 127/189 mm, mounted on loose sheets of strong undulated chamois paper
good, background faded, upper corners damaged
Lieu, date
Kabul, winter 1879/80
  • 0101. Kabul City
  • 1.56 Pictures of People
  • 2.126 Kabul and SE-Afghanistan
  • 3.143 Other Asians
  • 4.364 Second A.-A. War (1878-1880)
  • 4.86 Military Operations
  • Latitude / Longitude34.510005 / 69.192435
    Google Earth34°30'36" N / 69°11'31" E / 1805 m
    Survey of India MapSheet 38 (1917), Kabul: Bala Hissar, 2B 26

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