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ABC 103 — Walls of Herat from the East and North Side

Probably the left part of a panoramic view, together with ABC 104.
[List:] 103. Walls of Herat (east and north side), from fields opposite to north-east angle.
  • Owen, Charles (1884-86): Transcript of diary and letters, p. 252: “22 Jul [1885] Wednesday. Durand, Holdich and Peacocke went into Herat. […] Sent draftsman into Herat. […]”; letter to Mrs CW Owen (dated 22 July 1885), “[…] Ridgeway, Durand, Yate, Holdich, Peacocke and myself are here in a village outside Herat where we marched yesterday morning. Durand and the REs [Royal Engineers] have gone to the fortifications and we are busy with the thousand and one things which constitute our daily work. […]”; p. 256: “25 Jul [1885] Saturday. Had a good deal of work in Hosp. Durand, Holdich, Peacocke returned from Herat. Fortifications getting on. The workmen and troops are all delighted at earning a kran a day. The party met with nothing but respect, notwithstanding previous reports. […]”; “26 Jul [1885] […] Griesbach took 14 photographs of Herat. […]”
  • The Illustrated London News, Vol. 87 (1885/2), Aug. 15, pp. 178-179: engraving based on a sketch by Captain Peacocke, “General view of Herat looking south west.”
  • The Graphic, Vol. 32 (1885/2), August 15, p. 173: engraving of Herat.
  • Holdich, T.H. (1885): Afghan Boundary Commission; Geographical Notes, pp. 275-276: description of Herat.
  • Stewart, C.E. (1886): The Herat valley and the Persian Border, pp. 146-148: description of the city of Herat and its surrounding on the occasion of the first visit by British officers.
  • Peacocke, W. (1887): Diary of Captain Peacocke, pp. 52-53 and 160: description of old Herat; p. 407: description of Herat.
  • Yate, A.C. (1887): Travels with the Afghan Boundary Commission, pp. 139-140: description of the four gates; f.p. 140: drawing shows the Irak Gate.
  • Yate, C.E. (1888): Northern Afghanistan or Letters from the Afghan Boundary Commission, pp. 25-42: detailed description of Herat and its antiquities.
  • Niedermayer, O.; Diez, E. (1924): Afganistan, Plan 3: Plan von Herat.
  • Adamec, L.W. (1975): Herat and north-western Afghanistan, pp. 160-179: Herat.
  • Ball, W. (1981): Archaeological Gazetteer of Afghanistan, p. 123-125: Herat.
Image No.
ABC 103
Afghan Boundary Commission 1884-86
ABC 2, Photographs 058 to 116
Sepia print
Place, date
Herat, July 26, 1885
  • 1.57 Pictures of Landscapes, Cities
  • 2001. Shahr-i-Herat
  • 4.365 Abdur Rahman Khan (1880-1901)
  • 4.416 GB Relations with Great Britain
  • Latitude / Longitude34.348648 / 62.199239
    Google Earth34°20ʹ N / 62°10ʹ E
    Survey of India MapSheet 29, Herat (1916): Herat, P 24

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