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RS 353 — Besuch von Gouverneur Abdullah Malikyar

|RS 353-1|

Eine Gruppe hochgestellter Afghanen in europäischer Kleidung wird an einem der Nebeneingänge der Freitags-Moschee (masjid-e juma) empfangen. Es handelt sich vermutlich um einen Besuch von Gouverneur Abdullah Malikyar im Zusammenhang mit den geplanten Renovationen und Umbauarbeiten der Moschee.

  • Persönliche Mitteilung von Jolyon Leslie aus Herat (2015): "This photograph seems to have been taken at one of the secondary entrances to Masjid Jame or another public building in Herat. The tile work and moulded stucco work around the doorway is typical of the craftsmanship of the 1940s, when the mosque, along with other historic buildings in the city, was comprehensively 'remodelled' as part of a wider programme of modernisation undertaken under Governor Malekyar. The line of traditional square bricks that appear on the ground between the lines of elders suggest that this may have been taken at an inauguration ceremony, which is still the practice in Herat to this day.”
  • L.W. Adamec (1975): Who’s who, S. 46: Malikyar, Abdullah.
Image No.
RS 353
Rudolf Stuckert 1940-1946
RS 353-372, Herat, Moschee
Originalabzug 67/109 mm
gut, Flecken am rechten Rand
Place, date
Herat, 1942
  • 1.56 Pictures of People
  • 2001. Shahr-i-Herat
  • 3.822 Religious Buildings
  • 4.343 Timurids (Herat) (1370-1507)
  • Latitude / Longitude34.343134 / 62.195614

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