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AHI 13 — The Amir at the Masjid-e juma

|AHI 13-1|

The Amir departing from the masjed-e juma after attending Friday prayers. The photograph was taken from the roof of the railway station.

  • The Viceroy’s State Visit to Agra, January 1907. Official directory (not mentioned): p. 
  • Diary of Colonel Sir Henry McMahon (1907), p. 29: “The Amir paid a visit to the Taj Mahal this morning and was greatly impressed with it. He was not able; however, to inspect it as thoroughly as he wished, and tells me he will devote several hours to it on Sunday. He had to hurry back to his camp to start for Friday prayers at the big Jumma Musjid of Agra. I am told that the crowd collected in the vicinity of the mosque was enormous, and the Amir subsequently told me that unless he had sent his troops to line the approach to the mosque, he could not have got it. This I took to be a sort of apology for sending his troops there at all.” 
  • The Graphic, Vol. 75, No. 1943 (February 23, 1907), p. 279: This photograph “The Amir in India: His Majesty leaving the Jumma Masjid at Agra after attending prayer / The Amir is seen in his carriage at the entrance to the building / Photo by G.W. Lawrie, Lucknow.” 
  • Revue du Monde Musulman, Vol. 2, No. 5 (1907), p. 39 : « […] Le 11, l’Émir va faire ses dévotions à la grande mosquée. […] » 
  • R.D. McChesney; M.M. Khorrami [Eds.] (2016): The history of Afghanistan, Fayz Muhammad Katib Hazarah’s Siraj al-tawarikh, Vol. 4, Part 4, p. 1131-32: “His Majesty Performs the Friday Prayer in Agra.”
Image No.
AHI 13
The Visit of Amir Habibullah Khan in India, 1907
AHI 01-24, Amir Habibullah in Agra
Sepia print, 215/297 mm
excellent, but background faded
Place, date
Agra, Friday, January 11, 1907
Latitude / Longitude27.182090 / 78.016720
Google Earth27°10'55.5"N 78°01'00.2"E / 165 m

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