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RE 037 — 2nd and 3rd Portions of Bridges over the Kabul River, Jalalabad

The two northern bridges of about 50 m and 70 m in length, crossing over the Kabul River, east of Jalalabad, seen from the east.
[Album Chatham:] 2nd and 3rd Portion of Bridges over Cabul River, Jellalabad. [S&M List:] 1-25 Bridges over Cabul River, Jellalabad.
  • Original:
    Chatham: Box No.: E 5, Album No.: 6/6, Page No.: 35
  • The Second Afghan War 1878-80: Abridged Official Account (1908), p. 43: "[...] a bridge over the Kabul river was build in three lengths of 170 feet, 170 feet, and 232 feet, the roadway being 8 feet wide. [...]"; f.p. 374: identical photograph, "Temporary Bridge over Kabul River at Jalalabad, 1880 (central and northern portions)".
  • Professional Papers of the Corps of Royal Engineers, Vol. 4 (1880), Occasional Paper 8, p. 90-94: Report on construction of bridge over the Kabul river at Jalalabad, with plates 1-8. Plate 8 is a print of this photograph. The three bridges were built within ten days (January 20-30, 1879) under the command of Lt. G.W. Bartram, R.E. and taken down only two months later, on 29 March, within a few hours.
  • The Illustrated London News, Vol. 74 (1879/1), April 12, p. 356: engraving, based on a sketch by William Simpson, "Bridging the Cabul River, Jellalabad."
  • Adamec (1985): Kabul and southeastern Afghanistan, pp. 297-300: Jalalabad (Town), "[...] The river here runs in two channels of which the southern is the larger [...]. These two channels are each about 100 yards wide. During the Second Afghan War an efficient service of rafts was maintained for some time between Jalalabad and Dakka as a supplement to the land transport. [...] (I.B.C., Johnson.)"
Image No.
RE 037
Royal Engineers Museum, Library and Archive 1878-1880 1878-1880
RE 001-056, Khyber, Jalalabad, Gandamak
Albumen paper with gold toning, 210/280 mm, mounted on cardboard
good, background faded
Place, date
Jalalabad, February 1879
  • 0801. Jalalabad
  • 1.57 Pictures of Landscapes, Cities
  • 2.126 Kabul and SE-Afghanistan
  • 4.364 Second A.-A. War (1878-1880)
  • 6.11 Road Construction and Traffic
  • Latitude / Longitude34.433446 / 70.495280
    Google Earthapprox. 34°26' N / 70°29' E / 550 m
    Survey of India MapSheet 38, Kabul (1917): Jalalabad, 2C 55

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