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ILN 1927, 04 — King Amanullah Khan on his Bay Charger

King Amanullah Khan (1892-1919-1929-1960), son of Amir Habibullah Khan (, on horseback, in military uniform with decorations. This photograph was taken in the garden north of the qasr-e stor palace on the occasion of the visit by the American journalist Lowell Thomas in 1924.

The King of Afghanistan, ruler of a country which has joined the “social and living nations of the age”: His Majesty Amanullah Khan on his favourite bay charger.

The King of Afghanistan, who is accompanied by his Queen, began his journey to Europe the other day, and he explained the reasons for that journey to a farewell gathering of officials at Kabul. The “Times” reports: “The King said that Afghanistan, in the shadow of freedom, had said good-bye for ever to her stationary position, and had joined the ‘social and living nations of the age.’ In the past eight years he had reformed the internal state of the country, and now wished to acquaint himself with the present mode of living in Europe. Certain customs of that continent were being adopted in Afghanistan, and he wished further to introduce those which he thought desirable.” His Majesty’s itinerary includes Bombay, where it was arranged that there should be a reception by the Viceroy; Egypt; then, probably, Angora [Ankara], where the King will be greeted by Ghazi Mustapha Pasha; Rome, where the King of Italy will be host; Paris; London, where his Majesty will stay as the guest of the King, at Buckingham Palace; possibly some British industrial centres; Brussels; Berlin; and Moscow – with a return journey through Central Asia and, it may be, a visit to north-eastern Persia. King Amanullah Khan – the title of Amir was discarded in 1926 – was born on June [sic!, July] 1, 1892, third son of Amir Habibullah Khan, by his principal wife, Ulya Hazrat, and succeeded, on the assassination of his father, on February 20, 1919.

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  • Souvenir d’Afghanistan, SdA 2-10 and SdA 3-009: photograph of the same garden.
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Image No.
ILN 1927, 04
The Illustrated London News
ILN 1927-28, King Amanullah’s Journey to Europe
oval, 85/109 mm
Print of a photograph, good
Place, date
Kabul, 1924
  • 1.56 Pictures of People
  • 3.131 High Society
  • 4.371 Emir/King Amanullah (1919-1929)
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