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ILN 1928, 39 — The King and Queen at the Guildhall

General view of a large group of people, men in full dress, ladies in cloaks, sitting and standing in the Guildhall of London, and listening to an address.
Sitting, from left to right:
1 King Amanullah (1892-1919-1929-1960), son of Amir Habibullah;
2 Sir S. Batho, Lord Mayor of London;
3 Queen Soraya, daughter of Mahmud Tarzi (16.3.9);
4 Nur us-Seraj, daughter of Amir Habibullah (;
5 Duke of York, who later became King George VI;
6 Duchess of York, mother of Queen Elizabeth II;
7 Horriya, daughter of Mahmud Tarzi (16.3.9);
8 Prince Arthur of Conaught;
9 Princess of Conaught;
Standing (between 3 and 4), from left to right:
10 ?;
11 Sher Ahmad ?;
12 Abdul Tawab, son of Mahmud Tarzi (16.3.9);
13 ?;
14 Ali Ahmad, brother-in-law of King Amanullah

The busy King & Queen of Afghanistan.
Manifold activities of the royal visitors.
At the Guildhall: the King and Queen of Afghanistan on either side of the Lord Mayor (Sir C. Batho) listening to the address by the recorder, beyond whom are the Duke and Duchess of York and (to right, missing one) Prince and Princess Arthur of Connaught.

[...] The next day (the 14th) they received an Address from the City Corporation, and were the guests of honour at a luncheon in the Guildhall. They had a popular welcome in the streets as they went and returned in procession.

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Image No.
ILN 1928, 39
The Illustrated London News
ILN 1927-28, King Amanullah’s Journey to Europe
103/138 mm
Print of a photograph, fair
Place, date
London, March 14, 1928
  • 1.56 Pictures of People
  • 3.131 High Society
  • 3.151 Afghan Diplomats
  • 4.371 Emir/King Amanullah (1919-1929)
  • 4.416 GB Relations with Great Britain
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